Python InstallationΒΆ

Python version supported : Python version

The easiest way to install the package is using pip

python -m pip install DNetPRO


The setup file requires the Cython package, thus make sure to pre-install it! We are working on some workarounds to solve this issue.

The Python installation can be performed with or without the C++ installation. The Python installation is always executed using script.

If you have already built the DNetPRO C++ library the installation is performed faster and the Cython wrap was already built using the -DPYWRAP definition. Otherwise the full list of dependencies is build.

In both cases the installation steps are

python -m pip install -r ./requirements.txt

to install the prerequisites and then

python install

or for installing in development mode:

python develop --user


The current installation via pip has no requirements about the version of setuptools package. If the already installed version of setuptools is >= 50.* you can find some troubles during the installation of our package (ref. issue). We suggest to temporary downgrade the setuptools version to 49.3.0 to workaround this setuptools issue.