CMake C++ InstallationΒΆ

We recommend to use CMake for the installation since it is the most automated way to reach your needs. First of all make sure you have a sufficient version of CMake installed (3.9 minimum version required). If you are working on a machine without root privileges and you need to upgrade your CMake version a valid solution to overcome your problems is provided shut.

With a valid CMake version installed first of all clone the project as:

git clone
cd DNetPRO

The you can build the DNetPRO package with

mkdir -p build
cd build && cmake .. && cmake --build . --target install

or more easily


if you are working on a Windows machine the right script to call is the build.ps1.


If you want enable the OpenMP support (4.5 version is required) compile the library with -DOMP=ON.


If you want enable the Cython support compile the library with -DPYWRAP=ON. The Cython packages will be compiled and correctly positioned in the DNetPRO Python package.